Walk for Pleasure

Walk this way.

These boots are made for walkin’

Christopher Walken

Take a walk on the wild side.

Add your walking comments below👇🚶🏼

Walk without pressure.

If you are an athlete or just getting back into fitness, remember to take a walk that is strictly for pleasure. Gentle pace walking will help strip fatigue while refresh mind, body, emotion and your perspective.

Walk, work & play.

When you exercise without thought, you get fitter without trying. Fitness and health should not be a chore, make it fun and you may seek more of it. Do something that brings you peace, they may be a chore at some point but at the end of your days, it will bring you peace. Learning how to be at peace with oneself socially and while alone is a benefit in itself.

Walk for yourself. Walk for your own benefit.

Wear what makes you happy.

Rain, hail or shine where suitable attire to protect you from the elements such as mosquitoes, rainfall, uv rays or bees. Wear sensible footwear, protect your skin and eyes and choose a diet that makes you comfortable in your skin.

Walk where you see tall trees.

Seeing tall trees has been reported to have mental health benefits. Pick a tree on the skyline and walk to it. When you arrive, does it look the same as you perceived it might. Smile off any discrepancy and enjoy the change in you.

Walk somewhere that inspires you.

You might find this in your close environment, you might need to take yourself out of your familiar environment to reinvigorate yourself for a brighter future. Health and happiness are deliberate disciplines. Every little effort towards these ends matter.

A walk is a walk is a walk.

The only thing more important than the duration or pace of your walks are their frequency. Learn to find your own rhythm in your gait (walk) cycle. Two women successfully sued the Australian Army for pelvic damage after being forced to walk in the same stride length as men. Walk your own way at your own pace. Trust your own body and give it time, kindness and patience.

Walk through the seasons.

Get in the habit of training before Summer gets too hot, Autumn gets too dark, Winter gets too stark or the Spring temperature plummets.

We want to link taking sport with you feeling free when you move. This will keep you motivated when you feel lazy or too busy to train or too injured to do repetitive strain patterns in your current training routine. There is always a movement that will help you feel better. Seek it. Learn what works for you, this will serve you through the decades.


You can listen to your favourite anthem, Artist or genre on repeat to guarantee to get you in the zone. Choose the atmosphere that motivates you.

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